Wednesday, October 05, 2005


ok i havent posted because i havent had time or anything really to wright about college has started up and has gotten into full swing. i am a student of MSU and i just got 200$ of shit stolen out of my car... END OF POST!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

wow long time no see

Hokay so, it has been along time scince my last post been very busy and i finaly find the time to post. Whats been happening? Well, I have been working and having fun with friends we had a big old party for jason last wednsday because he shipped out yesterday or today oh well, anyhoo the weekends i have off as i said in previouse posts so i have been traveling to the lake with my family and trying to gte my friends to come down with me but they are rather reluctant. we fixed the boat so it runs great now an all that jazz. still waiting on my laptop to be released looks like now that it wont be august but some time near january :*( I really want a laptop but i will wait to get the G5 just because its a G5 and i thnk with the introductions of the intell chip-set to the powerbook there will be much rejoicing when it comes time for launch wOOt. oh and one last thing my brother bought World of Warcraft and that game rocks as a mmporpg it rocks! sugest that you all get it and play it (only if you have a cable or DSL becasue it will be very slow otherwise). Although, it is very addicting so college students beware im out

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Woe is ME

Hokay So, I have a new schedual this summer which TOTALY ROCKS FOR ME, but sucks for those around me. Andy, Jason, and eric are heading to SDC alot this summer and I am left out. Because, this is my schedual ALL WEEKENDS OFF THIS SUMMER (I SMELL LAKE PARTIES!!!). This sucks for andy and jason and eric because I cant go to SDC with them = they all bummed out because the only time i could go to SDC is on the weekends and that is when 75% of the population of southwest Missouri goes to Silver Dollar City. In my opinion screw SDC its to xpencive and i need to save for college:) o well i lost my thoughts

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Again with the iPod...

Hokay so, i got my iPod yesterday. I plugged that beast in and did all the stuff that is required to get it running as it should, and that took forever! But, now that it is finished I am happy to say that my iTrip works very well and I only have a problem with the radio part of it changing the stations, o well I will read the manual. O well, Now all i need is my powerbook!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Project Graduation and My iPod...

Hokay so, now that I am out of school I have a lot more free time to do whatever the hell I want. Originally I wanted to get a girl to spend some of this excess time on so I started saving a little money up to treat her right... well in the long run this was a futile ideal, one of my friends asked her before me and needless to say in her eyes I guess she thought that he was the better person for her, say-la-vi. This would not have been as hard for me to come to terms with except that at project graduation they were practically inseparable NOT COOL. Fighting my immeasurable urge to kick the ever loving crap out of him I swallowed my pride and went to play racket-ball instead... this was in the long run much better for me because one I didn’t get kicked out, two I won a DVD player (I cant use it yet but it was free so yippee)... anyhoo to save my self the embarrassment I was playing racket-ball, while doing so I realized that I had about 300 dollars that I had socked away for the person that I was going to ask out... seeing that this had failed I figured that I could spend that money on my self, sort of a gift to me for graduating and all that Jazz. so anyhoo I bought a new 20 Gig iPod with iTrip, so now I can take it with me and listen to my iPod through any and every FM radio as long as it has an antenna!!! Which I was told by one of my friends at work was probably a better thing to buy because I would probably get more enjoyment out of that then I would out of here. So, in the long run this is the point total Anonymous girl: 0 Me: 5000 points + another 1000 for being a freaking sweet dude ;)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hello, Graduation

well it seems that i am going to be graduating here within the next couple of weeks. Generaly this would bring about a strong feeling of happieness, but the thought that i will be in school untill i am in my later twenties is rather unsettling but what can you do. they don't just hand out MDs to every joe shmoe that walks up and says "Hello my name is Joe Shmoe, give me an MD."
suplement It was my last day of high school today i tied up some loose ends and they definatly didnt get tied up as tightly as i wuold have wanted them to... so any way *tosses the cap* hurray...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Insane loss of Preparedness

Hokay so,
I am pretty well fed up with Price Cutter. There are things that i am not really all that happy with that involve my pay and the types of work that i am doing and the way they choose to handle it, and i belive that this is their motto "Ignore it and it will go away". So, I have 6 days off this week to find a place of employment. i went to a video rental establishment and needless to say I really screwed that up BIG time. tangent: our house is currently being remodled by my dad and mom, and they think that the boy that wakes up at 5 am to go to ork at 6 and then works till 3:30 should come home and hang dry wall till 10 o'clock at night and then get up and do it again the next day -.- . So anyhoo i was on my way to go to the open interviews and i rush out the door all dressed up nice and i mean hella nice and i leave my referances on teh kitchen table in my haste, and confusion. So, needless to say with no referances my app. went right in the trash.... oh, cant wait to get back to school (DID I JUST SAY THAT?)